Anglo Arab Filly born March 2018 SOLD

ED53C04E-39D3-4E3B-8D4D-A69356AE2CA1B599D8F0-0AAD-43F5-9248-AB73CCEE3945D351E56E-4267-45CA-BF96-770FEAB500981C99F7D3-CFA0-402D-9D58-9457FD0A107F6D46C273-F0BC-44D6-A8D8-521555AAA1C9 F570B34D-52C1-47C8-B00B-64FC2E9CEC5B A552A67B-7740-4458-A48A-66DAD95B79C1A gorgeous Black / Bay  Anglo Arab filly for sale By Saudee our of Molly our TB mare, she is a very pretty filly fantastic long legs she will be a tall mare, should make a great dressage / eventung prospect available at weaning

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